Form for submitting your dog to our Lost & Stolen Dogs list.
We try to update site within 24 hours of any submission

and we
ONLY accept dogs from the UK and Eire


  Please ensure you fill in your email address CORRECTLY so we know how to contact you
The more of the following boxes you fill in the better chance there is of someone recognising your dog

Thank you

Have you already informed Lurcher Search or ChampDogs - www.champdogsforum.co.uk
that your dog is missing?
If you have informed either of these there is no need to complete this form. Your dog will be listed on our website as we share information with each other and with dog wardens and other organisations around the country.
If you have additional information please go back to the agency you first contacted and they will update everyone.
If your Dog Warden is a member of Dog Watch then they should automatically circulate details of your dog for inclusion on our website.

Breed - or description of the breeds it resembles

Male or Female - Neutered or Entire

Colour and Coat Type -   Please give as much detail as possible.   If your dog has a few white hairs on the third toe of its left front foot, please say so. The more information you give, the greater the chance of your dog being recognised. 

Scars and any Distinguishing Features

Size, Height at Shoulder

Age & Name

Wearing a collar? - Tattoo Number?  Microchipped ?

How ? (missing/stolen/ran away)  & Date went missing

Town & County your dog went missing from
People looking for your dog need this information

Anything Not Covered In The Foregoing

Your email address - We MUST have a CORRECT email address to be able contact you

Phone Number - so the finder of your dog can contact you quickly

Who have you already informed of your dog's loss
Your local Dog Warden/Police/Dog's Homes/Vets/Garages/Pet Shops/Newsagents/Postman/ Milkman in your local and surrounding area?

Do you wish to submit a photograph ?

If Yes, please send them in an acceptable format.
Clicking on 'Photos' will automatically generate an email to which you can attach your (small) photo.
They should be ONLY in .jpg format and no larger than 30 - 50 Kb.

You can email for instructions on how to do this. Remember that a photo is worth many words of description and does help but be merciful of our telephone bills and note that large files are automatically deleted via the server.

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